A Business for Computer Repair

I came up with the idea of starting a local bsuiness that could repair electronic items and repurpose old technology for people. For my business, I needed to find Singapore office space for rent. The office would be my main base of operations. I planned to fill the office with tools and machines that would allow me to make various repairs. Some of the repairs would range from simply installing new parts into something, and to bigger things like removing solder connections and taking apart an entire computer. The skill to do these various tasks takes a lot of knowledge.

I looke donlione and found just the office space I needed. The space was affordable, so I contacted the owner and made an offer. The owner agreed to the price, and I had my own space. With that out of the way, I started ordering my equipment. Setting up the equipment was quite a task, because some of the machines were pretty heavy. The biggest machine in my office was a machine that applies heat to circuit boards and aids in the process of reballing processors. I had to get my brother to help me move it into place.

Once I had everything set up, I started advertising my business. I made fliers and stuck them up around the city. My brother helped out by putting fliers up as well and passing around business cards. I paid for a commercial to be aired on a local television station. After a week, I started to get a regular flow of customers. Many people who were coming into the office were people who all had a particular type of laptop. The laptop was overheating and shutting off. I was able to repair them all by taking apart the laptop and giving them a good cleaning.