A Move to Be Near My Love

My fiancee Jenny are deeply in love with each other. We have always looked out for each other. Jenny and I have been through so much in our relationship. We have overcome many challenges and adversity in our relationship, but we survived. One challenge that we faced was distance. After college, Jenny received a very good job offer in North Carolina. I did not want her to leave, but I knew it was a good opportunity for her career. We both decided to move together. We searched for apartments for rent in South Charlotte NC. This was a big step for the both of us.

Jenny and I were already engaged before we graduated from college. We knew back then that we were destined to be together. I decided not to let anything interfere with us, including distance from each other. My decision to move to North Carolina was very shocking to my parents. My mom liked Jenny, but did not want me to leave. My family does not live that far from North Carolina, but it was still away from home. My father accepted my decision. My mother finally came around and supported me. I was very glad that they gave me their support and love.

We found the perfect place in North Carolina. It was very spacious and affordable. Before we left for our journey, our family and friends gave us a giant going-away party. It was a bittersweet moment. I was sad that I was leaving my family behind, but I was happy to start a new life with the love of my life. I hope my parents will not miss me too much. I promised my parents that they could come and visit us anytime they want. I had enough room for them to stay at our spacious apartment. I would love to have them visit us.