A Really Nice Three Bedroom Apartment

I was looking at three bedroom apartments in Wichita, but I was not entirely positive that I would find a nice one. I knew that I would have decent luck in finding a three bedroom home to rent, but I really did not want the hassle associated with having a house. I am not the type of person who enjoys going out and gardening or mowing the lawn, and I did not want to have to take care of the sidewalks in the winter time. I also did not want to have to take care of minor repairs on my own.

That is why I was so happy when I found exactly what I was looking for within my first hour of looking. I figured I would settle for a two bedroom if the rooms were large enough, but I was really hoping that my two daughters would each be able to have their own bedrooms. I remembered what it was like growing up and having to share a bedroom with my two older sisters, and I just wanted them to enjoy some privacy. I found a really nice and extremely spacious three bedroom unit at Twin Lakes, and the girls both loved it just from the information we found online.

I thought there would be a bit of bickering over who got the room with the attached bathroom, but that was easily settled. My older daughter knew that if she took the room without the bathroom, she would have complete privacy. My younger daughter did not mind sharing the bathroom since it would only be used to shower in, plus my older daughter can use my garden bath anytime she wants. There is not a single thing we dislike about this place, including the location. We all consider ourselves lucky to have found something so nice!