Business is Booming for the First Time

If there is one thing I can count on from my brother, it is his honesty. I had a feeling that others were just telling me that my website looked good, but I had other thoughts about it. I knew my brother would be honest, so I asked him to look all around it. I appreciate people trying to not hurt my feelings, but I didn’t appreciate that they were not honest with me because this was a matter of my business succeeding or failing. When my brother looked at it, he told me that it was dull and boring, and it was also hard to navigate.

He said that it had all the details right, but the presentation of what I was selling was not good. He suggested that I look for a professional website designer rather than my friend who tinkers with it, and I knew that he was right. That is how I found Algorhythm, and they are the ones who were able to save my company. I know people think I am being melodramatic with that statement, but it is the truth. If people are not coming to the site or sticking around once they are there, then that means that my business is not going to last long.

I needed a website that would make people want to stick around and look at everything, and that is what Algorhythm delivered. The site is not only nice looking, but it is very easy to navigate. Things are easier to find on there, and there is even a checkout process that is automatic now. The best part is that they used search engine optimization tactics, which means that my website is on the first page of search engine results now, meaning more people than ever are coming to my site now. Business is booming for the first time ever!