Clicking on a Link Got Me a New Apartment

I am usually not the type to click on a link when I see something online that says click here, but there are times when I am intrigued enough to do just that. When I saw information on The Pad, that is exactly what I wanted to do because I wanted to find out more information on it. I had been thinking about moving closer to where I work, and this new development has been getting a lot of press. I was finally curious enough to see why, and I am so glad that I did.

I was able to see pictures of the interior of the apartments, and that is what really made me want to live there. I had a decent apartment, but it was nothing to write home about. The apartments at The Pad on Harvard are quite another story though. First off, what I initially noticed was the large windows. I am the type of person who can sit for the longest time and just enjoy the view as I lose myself in thoughts. This was not something I did that often at my old apartment because my small windows only showed me the near side of a neighboring apartment building, and that was not something I wanted to look at.

I can see the skyline here though, and the colors are just magnificent. Though that is the first thing I noticed, it is definitely not the only thing. There are quite a few floor plan designs, so there is something here for everyone, regardless of what their tastes are. I am more of a homebody when I am home, so I wanted a large apartment, but there are smaller ones for those people who just want to rest their heads in between all sorts of activities. I am really glad I clicked on that link, because it has somewhat changed my life for the better.