Finally I Can Smile Again

I didn’t like the look of my teeth. I would avoid smiling at people or in photos. Every time I would see people in television and movies smiling, I would get jealous of how well their teeth looked. Even though not everyone has teeth like this, I prefer the look of clean, white, perfectly shaped teeth to stained ones with chips. My teeth were in need of a makeover. I looked for a dentist that would be able to give me porcelain veneers in Denver that would fit over my own teeth and make them look good again. The only other options would be to pay for dental implants or just get dentures, which I really didn’t want to do.

I found just the dentist to help me with my teeth problems. He did an examination of my teeth to see what needed the most attention and took a mold of my mouth to make the veneers. My dental insurance was accepted at the dentist, so the cost of getting the veneers wasn’t so bad. Once the veneers were made, I slipped them on my teeth, and they looked like I had a brand new set of teeth in my mouth.

I went around the rest of the day smiling at everyone. I would greet random people on the street with a big grin on my face. The clerks at the grocery store that I normally go to thought there was something different about me, but they couldn’t quite figure out what it was. My parents realized instantly that my teeth looked different and asked me where I got them fixed. Their teeth are in the same condition as mine were, and they wanted to get a better smile without getting all of their teeth pulled or getting some painful surgery.