Help Understanding RC Spreadsheets V4

I recently graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and I am trying to put myself in to a position to get a good job as quickly as possible. As such, I am trying to study information that will help me to be a better engineer, once I get a job, with the hopes that I can advance quickly in the company that hires me. I want to get some help with understanding how to use RC Spreadsheets v4. I mean I get the basics of how to use them, but there are some things that I need cleared up.

I want to study these a lot, because they could be very useful to me in my future, and I know that they are very powerful in the hands of an experienced engineer. Being that I am not an experienced engineer, that does not imply that I can’t use these spreadsheets. Rather, I think that they will be a great learning tool to help me to learn more about Eurocode specifications and what it takes to make designs that are to code standards. It should also help me learn more about effective design in general.

I know I have a lot to learn with regards to that, and so I am going to try to study hard and learn more and more every day. I don’t have a job yet, but if I can learn this material, it should make me a better job candidate than some of my peers who have not taken the time to expand their education after graduating. Any edge that I can get over the competition is positive in my view, because there is often a lot of competition for getting goods jobs with an engineering degree, and so I have to take it upon myself to differentiate myself from the crowd.