I Am Working at a Club

I got this job for the summer and it is going to be something of a grind in spite of what you might think. The bars do not ever close here in Las Vegas, and some of the time I am spending ten or twelve hours per night at this place. However I am going to be able to save a great deal of money, my brother and one of his friends share a great place at the Bloom apartments in Northwest Las Vegas. They have an extra room, that used to be occupied by a third roommate. From what I understand he is sort of not their best friend in the world now, he disappeared and they were left on the hook for his share of the rent. They found out that he just moved in with some girl while they were at work. They say he stole all of the beer in the fridge too. Of course this worked out great for me, because I needed a place to stay and they were more than happy to let me pay a third of the rent.

My plan is real simple. I am going to try to make as much money as I can while not spending any more than is absolutely necessary. The girl I met at work may well interfere in the plan. It is really obvious that she wants me to take her out on a date and I am not the sort of guy to run away from that sort of thing. She is a beautiful olive skinned girl from Costa Rica and I can not really believe how interested she seems to be in me. It is not a serious problem, but I do not think that she is going to be a cheap date either.