I Didn’t Want to Move at First

I had no idea that I was going to be in need of a new apartment just a few months ago. I was actually quite happy with where I had been living for the last six years, and I had no intentions of moving anytime soon. When a fire displaced all of the residents, we were all told of a website that lists available apartments for rent in North Charleston SC. That was the first sign that we would not be moving back in anytime soon. Since I needed a place to stay rather quickly, I went to the website that was offered to us.

I was really surprised at how well organized it is. I was able to do a search for apartments in the area of town that I wanted to live, mainly because of my job in that area. I was only driving about eight minutes on a hectic day to work from my last apartment, and I did not want to make that trip much longer than that. I was able to find several apartments in the area though that are actually closer and definitely in my affordability range.

Having so many different places to choose from really made it nice for me. I honestly thought that I was just going to have to take something whether I liked it or not. This apartment finder website took that off the table though, and I was able to look at six different apartments that were compatible for my needs. Being able to compare floor plans and community amenities as well as the features of the individual apartments was a luxury that I was not expecting but definitely appreciated. I now live in a really nice apartment that is slightly bigger, two minutes closer to work, and has a really nice pool too. I wasn’t looking forward to moving, but I am glad now that I had to.