I Found a Great New Place

I sort of lucked out in this thing, because I was not really getting anywhere with my search for Tucker apartments. It was exactly the area that made the most sense for me and I was thinking about how I could basically ride my bike to work if I found a good spot. At any rate one night this girl I know invited me to a party at her place, and at once I realized that the location was exactly what I was looking for. It did me no good to think about it because I was guessing that the place was out of my price range. It is a simple matter to look at a place and see that it is likely going to be a big deal However that was not the right way to think about it and that became really clear when by sheer coincidence I ran into a guy I went to high school with.

He did not live in the place, but he had met my friend through another guy that I went to school with. He looked around and found the guy and eventually it got around to the fact that I was in need of a new place in this part of the metropolitan area of Atlanta. We had not spoken for a couple of seconds when he asked me when I wanted to move. He and two other guys had a three bedroom unit in this place, but one of the guys had to relocate to the West Coast. They needed a new roommate and they needed one almost immediately. It is a bit sooner than I was ready to be honest, but I was willing to start the move almost at once if that was what it was going to take.