I Have to Find a New Place

I just got back from looking around for Kingsport apartments, because I really do need to find a new place. It would be better for me if I could find a place with a better location, because right now I have to get up about forty five minutes before I need to be at the office. That is not the big problem for me, although it is obviously better if you do not have to spend an hour in the car going back and forth to work every single day. It is the neighbors who have driven my decision, plainly and simply, these people are acting like a bunch of idiots. Something happened which caused some sort of feud between two of them and those two jerks have managed to make every other tenant in this place mad at them and mad at one another. Of course the issue is that some one was making too much noise, a common thing when you live in a place like this.

I know for a fact that one of them has a drum kit, and it appears to me that he also has a real serious problem with substance abuse. He seems to think that he is a good drummer, but I know enough about the subject to know that this is not the case. It is obvious that he is taking something strong too, and if you watch the place then you begin to suspect that he is in the business of dealing in narcotics. There is a pattern that you see, much the same as you would notice if you sat in front of a convenience store and watched the people come and go. They arrive, go in and get what they need. Then they leave in a very short time.