I Helped Find a Nice Place That Doesn’t Cost Much at All

My sister and I were out looking at apartments last weekend together. She will be living alone for the very first time while she goes to school. Our mom works very hard at her job, and she often has to work a lot of overtime. So I volunteered to help find a new place for my sister. I have two children, and I live with our mom, too. So, it’s very loud around my mother’s place, which won’t be conducive to proving a quiet place for studying each night. We will be looking for something that is inexpensive. I know we can find something great if we focus.

We’re very close to our mother. She has always worked as hard as she can make sure that we have the things that we need. Some kids are not very lucky because their family is not able to provide for them easily. But mom made sure to get her nursing degree very early on because she new she would need to take care of all three of us on her own. It has worked out well, and we are a happy family unit who support one another in any way that we can.

She briefly talked to us about building on an addition to the home so that there’d be a quiet study place. But after we were given a quote on how much it would cost to do that, we realized it would be better to just go ahead and find a place for my sister to live alone instead. She’s actually looking forward to it, and she isn’t bothered by it at all. We drove around from location to location today, and the place we found for her has utilities included each month. So, it is going to be very affordable.