I Moved in with a Girl I Met

I simply bumbled into this situation, which proves that it must indeed be better to be lucky than good. I needed a new place to live, and this is where I ended up ( click here for website)Of course there was a real idiot who helped make me look like the knight in shining armor. One night I was stumbling home from a night of drinking at this frat house. In fact those guys had not really wanted me there to help them with their keg, but they did not feel it was worth fighting over since I am bigger than any of them were. At any rate I came across this guy and this girl having a quarrel and it was obvious that the guy was trying to force the girl to go some place against her will. It usually is not a great idea to interfere and this guy tried to pull a knife on me. Fortunately for me he had had more to drink than I had and he was comically bad at this. As soon as he realized that I was not frightened by him, that cooled his jets

At any rate this girl turned out to be pretty well off and she had an extra room in her apartment. I did not need a place at that point, but over the last couple of months I got to know her. Then one day my roommate just wigged out. I had not known about his issues when I let him move in, but later on I realized that he was on these anti psychotic pills. Now I know that he is a really scary dude when he does not take those pills. He is not big enough to frighten me in that way, but obviously a crazy person is a different kind of animal. You just do not know what they might do if you pushed them.