I Need to Find a New Place

Things have been going down the drain here for some time, it started about a month and a half ago when these guys moved in. No one can see how they support themselves, so we assume that they are selling drugs because that is what it looks like. At any rate they make a lot of noise at the times when the rest of us are asleep and it has caused a great deal of discontent. In fact the guy across the hall was always crazy and he is off the ledge now. I began to visit property the other day, once I figured out that I was not really bound by a lease at this point in time, or at least I shall not be in the next couple of weeks. So I am going to find a place that is not quite as dramatic as this one has become. In fact the police have been here three times in the past ten days.

At any rate I have been needing to find a new place for a good while at any rate, since I have gotten a new job that is a much more difficult commute from here. The traffic is always bad in this city and the only remedy is to try to live in a place that is as close as possible to where you want to be. At the moment I am living way too much of my life staring through a steering wheel at the rear end of a stationary vehicle. I have started to look for places within a few minutes of the office and I think that I have found a place. In fact it would not be a very long walk from this place to the office, if you really needed exercise.