I Need to Move Across the City

Of course I was happy enough with my situation up until I got a real job a few months after I graduated.from UT Dallas. At any rate this place was great when I was in school. It is a big old house about six blocks from the campus and I was splitting the rent five ways most of the time I lived there. They always liked to stay up late drinking, but that was fine with me and I was usually along for the ride. Now I have started looking at apartments for rent in North Dallas because I do not want to have to get up at six in the morning every single work day. I have a job and because of the things that I need to do, they want me to get in the office about an hour before the other people do. I do not get to leave early, and they do not seem to pay me more for it. Of course it is a job and they do not really care that much about my opinion.

At any rate we are going to look for a place that is as close to the office as is possible. The fact that the guys are not going to be having a party every night of the week is a part of it, but that is not so big of a deal to me. I have learned how to sleep with noise. In fact I turn some music on and that drowns out much of the external noise. Right now the commute is the big thing. I am not going to want to get up so early if there is a way around it. Of course it is going to be better to get a roommate to share the cost.