I Want This House to Be Mine

I started looking at downtown Denver real estate not that long ago. I wanted to have an investment in the place I was living, and that was just not possible at the apartment complex I was living at. I knew that my best bet on finding something I would like would be to go through a realtor, so I went with the same one who helped my sister find her gorgeous house a couple of years ago. He told me that he would be able to find me the house of my dreams too, and I believed him.

He asked me a lot of questions on my likes and dislikes, and I understood that he needed that so he could narrow down the choices for me to look at. I definitely wanted to be right in the city, and I did not care if I had property or not. What I did care about was having more than two bathrooms, and I also wanted at least three bedrooms. It did not have to brand new, but I did want it to be modern. I really don’t care if the house I live in was built 50 years ago as long as it has all the modern conveniences that I want.

He was able to give me a list of nearly a dozen condos, townhouses, and single houses to look at, and I was blown away by several of them. It was not until I saw the one on Emerson Street that I felt like I had seen the one that I absolutely had to have. There was just something about the layout that really struck gold in me, and I couldn’t wait to see it in person. As I walked through the rooms, I already knew I was going to make a really good offer on it so it could be mine.