I Went Fishing This Morning

I have started to make some new friends down here, this one guy works at McGill with me and he is a contractor for the military. Of course I work for a company that does the same thing, but I am not sure if that is what they call me. At any rate you can click here if you want to go to the web page of this place where he lives. It is called the Lodge at Hidden River and it sits right on the water there. They have all sorts of amenities and he told me that he decided to stay there after he found out that they have a boat storage thing. So he has a boat and he can get it on and off the water any time that he likes. He told me that there is a 17 year old boy who gets the boat down and has it put on the water every time he wants to go out. I think he says that he pays the kid ten dollars.

At any rate we got off to a really early start. It was dark when we got to where we were going to fish, out on the edge of Tampa Bay. We were fishing on topwater and using really light tackle. I am not going to claim that I am a very great angler, but this was some really good fishing I did. He told me that he had followed a local fishing guide to this spot, just finding him by chance and recognizing him. He was in there looking to catch some bait with a casting net, but when he went to fishing in there he found out that there always seemed to be fish there, especially at the break of dawn if you used a topwater lure.