Living Here is Nicer Than I Imagined

I wanted to look at some pictures of City Park View, one of the many apartment complexes here in the Charlotte area. I looked around on the website, and I would click here and there, excited to see more pictures and learn more about the apartment complex that I was hoping to make mine. I loved the pictures, and knew that I had to see it in person. I wanted to see what kind of stores and restaurants were around it too, since i am not known for my cooking skills.

Even if the complex is nice, not having nice restaurants around would absolutely be a deal breaker for me because I wanted it to be quite easy to get food whenever I wanted it. I was really happy when I was able to see not only the places on the map where there are restaurants, but the kinds of restaurants that are there too. Everything from casual to fancy was within walking distance or a short drive, and I liked the other things in the area too like stores I can shop at and places to watch a show or movie.

The last thing I had to look at was the floor plans because I really wanted to be comfortable in my own apartment. I have seen some places where they are in a good location and have a lot of community amenities, but then it is like living in a shoe box. That is not the case here, and I was happy to see that the rooms are quite spacious. There are even different floor plans, and I liked that I was able to pick the one that suited my needs and personality the best. I am really excited that I am now living here, and it is even better than what I imagined it would be.