Moving Up in Las Vegas

I decided to look at luxury apartments for Las Vegas online because I wanted to find a nicer place to live. I had been living in the same run down apartment since I graduated from college eight years earlier. I have definitely bettered myself in every other way, so I knew that it was time to move into an apartment that I actually felt good about. I am not dissing my old place at all, because it served my needs quite well. I just was finally ready for something a bit more luxurious.

I had my eye on Lyric because I pass it every day when I go into work. I had never seen inside any of the apartments or the tenant community features at that point, so I went online to get more information about it. What had initially caught my eye was just how nice everything looked from the road when I would pass it. As soon as I looked at the pictures online of both the apartments as well as the community amenities, I knew that I wanted to live there. I was able to fill out an online application that was easy and fast.

I didn’t even have to see the apartment in person to know I wanted it. I saw the pictures as well as the descriptions online, plus I had looked at a review site for just about any business in Vegas, and this place has excellent reviews from others who have lived there or are still living there. Move in day came just a couple of weeks later, and the difference between this place and my last is night and day. I am forever grateful that I was able to live where I did for eight years, but I honestly think that these next eight are going to be beyond amazing.