My Canary is Singing Now

When my friend gave me her canary before she moved, I was pretty happy. I have always loved animals, but I am never home enough to have a dog or cat. Having a bird though would be perfect for me because I would not need to be there nonstop like I would another pet. When she gave me the canary and cage, I was surprised that the bird was not very vocal. Actually, the bird was not vocal at all. That is why she gave me a canary songs MP3 to go along with the bird and cage.

She had no idea why the bird was not into singing, but she thought it might be because she was separated from her family when she was still too young. I was confused by this, so I did some research of my own. I had no idea that canaries learn to sing by mimicking what they hear from their mother and other birds around them. The good thing about my research was that I discovered that canaries also mimic other things, which is where the CD came in that my friend gave me.

I just played it every single day, and I was amazed when I heard my canary singing the same song that was being played one day about a month later. Hearing that literally was music to my ears. I went online to find more CDs that I could get, and I was able to buy two more from a website that was created specifically for this purpose. The CDs were cheap since I bundled them together, and it gives my canary a bit more to learn from. My house used to be so quiet, and now it is filled with the music that my canary sings every time I come into the room.