Our Son Benefited from His Training

We couldn’t have been more proud when our son sought our help in training for the Olympics. Living here in Colorado, one of the big sports if of course skiing and our son was a natural from the beginning. He was going down slopes when he was a toddler, and within a few years he was going down courses designed for adults. Everyone was telling us he had a great talent for the sport and that great things awaited him in the future. I think he was about nine years old when he saw the Olympics on television and said he wanted to do that.

We couldn’t have been happier, especially as he got older and we started hearing from some of his coaches at school that we really should try and get him into the Olympics. In their opinion, he had all of the talent necessary to make the team. They thought he could probably win medals too. Of course, embarking on an Olympic career requires a massive commitment not just from the athlete but from their family. We spent a bundle of money over the years on equipment, course costs, and other assorted things.

My husband thought our son needed some physical training to help get him up to speed. He thought his size might be a hindrance to making the team, especially his physical strength. That was why we found a professional trainer here who works with professional athletes from all sorts of sports. We were especially happy to hear he worked with hockey players as they need some of the same physical training skiers need. We went and helped get our son into the program and watched in some awe as his strength and agility seemed to grow by leaps and bounds. We’re praying he makes the team and succeeds!